Is Glacier Portable AC Scam Or Not? Must Read Shocking Review


Glacier Portable AC Review: These days, the weather is too hot, which demands that you must keep on your cooling system all day. But this may be too much heavy on your pocket because it is costly to keep the air conditioner on throughout the day. So it may cause inconvenience for you. If you turn on your AC for the whole day then the electricity consumption will be very high so you will ultimately receive a climbing up the electricity bill. Moreover, the cost of electricity per unit is increasing day by day. So the question is how you will beat this hot weather without affecting your electricity bills?


Too hot weather and cost of electricity bill, this makes the deadliest combination which everyone is afraid of when the weather changes. You can try different alternations. Either you can use regular fans or Air conditioners. The second one is the best option. The air conditioner is considered the best idea because the fan will only circulate the hot air in the room. On the other hand, the Air conditioner will expel the hot air out of the room and will make sure that the air is chilled.

The Air conditioner will increase your productivity level & it will not let you fatigue. You can trust this new Glacier portable Air conditioner; this is such a mini air cooler. It will purify the air, and make sure air is cooled up. In this review, a complete guide is given about the functions, price, and benefits of Glacier portable AC.

Intro of Glacier portable Air conditioner:


Glacier portable AC is a mini air cooler that has specialized technology as hydro chilling. This portable AC will produce a cold blowing breeze in just less than 30 seconds after charging. It just uses some water and some power supply to charge itself. When the weather will start changing its mood, this AC will help you a lot through this scorching heat.

Glacier portable AC will continue to provide you cool air up to 8 hours without any interruption at a minimum cost. This is a very lightweight air cooler; it will help you to say a permanent goodbye to very high electricity bills. It will provide you a very relaxing cooling air free of any hustle at any place.

Glacier portable AC is not like the other air coolers, which only cost too high. It is designed by its unique water curtains and air filler which will convert the hot air into a cold breeze. It will also clean and moisturize the surrounding air which will be pleasant & healthy for all the individuals.

How does Glacier portable AC work?

The working of Glacier portable AC is quite easy; it is not complicated like other AC. This cooling system is composed of some simple parts which are joined together to perform their work and to make sure a cool air has been produced in the room.

This portable AC has 2 different outlets; the first part will take out the hot air and make the surrounding cool and pleasant. This inner atmosphere will then freshen up. The 2nd part has a flipping side; it will produce cool air and throw it into the room. In the center of these 2 parts, there is an air filter that will filter the air and clean it. This filter will dispose of any toxic material, chemical, or dust from the room.

To know whether the portable AC will be suitable for your needs in this hot weather, read this article till the end. After that, you will be able to know that how Glacier portable AC is a relief for you in this blazing summer.


Some feature of Glacier portable AC:

Some of the features of Glacier portable AC are given below which makes it an efficient & high-quality cooling system.

  • It is portable:

This feature of Glacier portable AC allows it to move it anywhere in different settings. You don’t need to worry about the length of the AC’s wire and power outlets. Moreover, this machine has some straps which will allow in easy moving of portable AC and you will not feel much weight of AC.

  • Lightweight and small size:

It is lightweight & has a universal design: its size is so compressed that you can use it as a personal air cooler. All the parts used in portable AC are light weighted.

  • Simple and easy to use:

The arrangement and maintenance of portable AC is quite easy and simple for everyone. There is no expert trial required to start and use your machine.

  • Provides quick result:

Glacier portable AC has the ability to provide a very cool air just after 30 seconds of turning it on.

  • Silent operations:

Glacier portable AC works quietly, it makes no noise at all. So it will be so pleasant to have a sound sleep at night time.

  • Low maintenance is required:

This AC requires a quite low maintenance charge. The air filters require cleaning very often. These filters can work for 6 to 8 months.

Who should use Glacier portable AC?

This user-friendly portable AC is extremely low budget air cooler. People who need it the most are:

  • Glacier portable AC can be used in small apartments where people usually live by sharing expenses. Portable AC will be an ideal option for them.
  • In offices, the surrounding is so stuffy and exhausted. So people can place AC on their desktop for refreshing air.
  • In bedrooms, when the temperature got very high Glacier portable AC will work best.
  • It is not so expensive so anyone can afford it easily. If you order it from its official website now, you will get a discount.

Where Glacier portable AC can be available?

You can order it directly from the official website. You can easily navigate this website. All the details about the price and other specifics are available on that website in an easily understandable manner. Currently, the manufacture is offering a 50% discount on its best offer.


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