Cleaning, hydration and protection: the secret to healthy skin

“Beneath our best dress is the most important, the most expensive, the most durable and requires the most care. In addition, the most outdated: our skin ”, with these words he began to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the body’s largest organ to the public attending the Speak of Care Plus space, the largest prevention and health education event in all stages of life, Aurora Guerra, head of the Dermatology Section of the Hospital 12 de Octubre, Madrid.

The expert pointed out that the skin requires a series of cares that are not always identical and that, in addition to taking into account the phototype, it must also be taken into account that the skin changes at each stage of life and will need adequate hygiene to skin type and age, hydration, photoprotection and repair of the small damages that occur. ” The only thing constant at all stages is photoprotection, ” added Guerra.

First steps

And although photoprotection is essential, Nuria Fervienza, pharmacy technician specialized in dermopharmacy and author of the blog La botica de Tete , stressed that, in addition to this, there are two other very important steps to take care of the skin:


The cleaning of the skin has to be carried out in the morning and at night. “Even if we don’t do our makeup, in the case of women, when the day is over, the skin is full of grease, sweat and pollution. By cleaning it we will ensure that the treatments that we give ourselves below penetrate better and do their job correctly, “said Fervienza, who also emphasized that to clean it, you have to choose suitable products, such as micellar waters.


The skin is our barrier to the outside and it can be attacked by wind, air and cold. Also, sun exposure makes you dehydrated. For this reason, “it is necessary to use the corresponding treatments to restore the functioning of the skin and prevent water loss,” said the pharmacy technician.


Both Fervienza and Guerra and José Luis Estebaranz, head of the Madrid Center Section of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, gave great importance in their respective interventions in CuídatePlus, to protection against the sun.

” We need sun to synthesize enough vitamin D . But this does not mean that to achieve this we have to spend 8 hours on the beach or in the park; It only takes 5 minutes in the arms and legs two days a week to achieve this, “recommended Guerra, who said that it is preferable to take supplements to reach vitamin D levels.

The risk of exposure to the sun without protection can cause burns to the skin, which in the future can lead to problems such as skin cancer or melanoma . Both Guerra and Estebaranz remind you that to protect ourselves from the sun, you do not only have to use topical sunscreens. ” Photoprotection is putting on a hat, wearing appropriate clothing and being in the shade, ” they stressed.

Regarding photoprotection, the AEDV spokesperson stressed that on cloudy days you must also use protection since the sun burns as well, just as it does in the mountains or under an umbrella on the beach. “There are many myths about the sun protection factor, what should we know? Most importantly, the number indicates the time it takes to burn with that protection . For it to take effect it has to be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure, “Estebaranz clarified.

In addition, Fervienza recommended looking for products that adapt to our routine and that we can use on a daily basis, since we must always use sun protection, not only on the beach, the mountain or the pool.

Finally, Estebaranz recalled that in children it is crucial to use sunscreen to avoid problems in the future and to check the moles regularly.

“People with skin problems are not strangers”

In addition to general skin care, CuídatePlus covered other issues related to it, such as psoriasis , a chronic skin disease that evolves in the form of outbreaks and is characterized by the appearance of red spots with white scales. Pedro Aguado, presenter and coach, was speaking, in a chat courtesy of Novartis, about this particular disease and how he lives it during his time at the event.

“I have played water polo a great part of my life and now it is hard for me to put on a swimsuit; Living with this pathology is difficult for day to day, but we are not strangers nor are we contagious ”, explained Aguado.

Also, Aguado pointed out that when you exercise psoriasis is reduced and practicing it continuously helps improve the condition. ”

“You have already seen it, it is a disease like another. It is true that psoriasis itches and hurts, but it does not have to condition life, “he concluded.

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