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Foods to gain muscle mass are rich in high-quality proteins such as meats, eggs, and some legumes such as beans. But in addition to protein, the body also needs plenty of energy and good fats, which can be found in foods like salmon, tuna, and avocado. These foods provide enough energy for training and provide protein for muscle building, helping to generate muscle hypertrophy.

But those who want to gain muscles should also eat carbohydrate-rich foods such as pasta, rice, cereals and bread, preferably whole grains, in addition to consuming fruits and vegetables, before doing physical activity since they help the individual consume energy from these foods and not of the muscles themselves.

10 foods to gain muscle mass

Foods to gain muscle mass include mainly protein-rich foods such as:

Chicken: it  has protein and little fat, so it is an excellent food for muscle hypertrophy;

Meats: all meats are rich in protein and iron, nutrients that stimulate hypertrophy and increase the amount of oxygen in the muscles;

Salmon: in  addition to protein, it is rich in omega 3, a healthy fat with an anti-inflammatory effect;

Egg:  especially the egg white as the food with the most complete protein and most easily absorbed by the body;

Cheeses:  Low-fat cheeses are rich in protein, which is why it is an excellent option to place on bread;

Peanut: it is rich in proteins and vitamins of the B complex, in addition to antioxidants that promote muscle recovery after training;

Tuna: rich in omega-3 and easy to use, as it is a good source of protein and good fats that can be used at snacks or after training;

Avocado: excellent source of calories and good fats, increasing the amount of energy and antioxidants. It can be added to salads at lunch or to smoothies before or after training;

Milk: rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, important minerals to stimulate muscle contraction and increase performance in training;

Beans:  excellent source of vegetable protein, it is better when consumed in conjunction with rice in main meals, as it provides an excellent combination of amino acids for the muscles.

The ideal in a diet to gain muscle mass is that all meals have good sources of protein, being necessary to include foods such as cheeses, eggs, yogurts and meats in snacks – This strategy provides a good amount of amino acids for the muscles throughout of the day, favoring hypertrophy. See a complete list at: Protein-rich foods .

Nutritional Information of Foods for Hypertrophy

The table below shows the amount of calories, protein, and fat for the 10 foods listed above:

These foods are easy to include in the daily diet, and must be consumed together with carbohydrates such as rice, wholemeal pasta, fruits and wholemeal bread.

Supplements to gain muscle mass

Supplements to gain muscle mass such as protein or creatine supplements or any other should be advised and supervised by a health professional. Preferably, a nutritionist or nutritionist should be consulted to calculate the appropriate dose or quantity for consumption, based on physical activity, weight and gender.

Drinking caffeine before physical activity also helps increase muscle strength and endurance.

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